Share in the highs and lows as ten friends travel to Europe to shoot their first film.

Director – Marshal Brown

Editor – Marshal Brown

Camera Operator – Marshal Brown

Producer – Marshal Brown


Marshal Brown’s Photography/ Cinematography Reel

Director, Producer, Photographer, Editor, Colorist

This Reel was shot in Laguna Beach, California

Paris, France, Brussels, & Belgium

This Reel was put together as an exhibition of my photography and cinematography in action. The photos were taken in Laguna Beach. My daughters and I were traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway and decided to stop and catch the sunset. I’ve been to Paris a few times traveling with my band Donny Rizzo. When we weren’t making music or performing I would walk around and take photos of everyday things around the city, a staircase, a lonely street, a wall of graffiti, each tells a different story. On one of our journeys we ended up in Brussels and decided to shoot a video with my good friend Non Genetic from the group Tha ShadowHuntaz. I can’t say that we had a plan, but we definitely had an idea. We took that idea from thought to fruition.

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