We are all looking at life through a lens, this is Marshal Brown’s perspective. This site is dedicated to the moments captured. The hope is to give that perception of the world to you the reader. Photography and videos are featured and the hope is to capture the imagination of the adventurous mind. The photos are of people and places around the world and the stories that can be told in the blink of an eye, or the flash of a camera. The films and videos share the same adventurous spirit. They are the moments from our mind brought to fruition through film. The Reel found on the Work page of this site is a combination of both. You the reader are invited to share your thoughts and experiences whether from a photographer/cinematographer standpoint or just a viewers. This site is driven by the sharing of those thoughts and experiences. If you’re interested in the wonders of global photography or the stories that pictures tell this is the place for you. The imagination that it takes to create these photos comes from diligence, preparation, and in some cases spontaneity. These are the core values that make each and every shoot wonderful. Sharing these values with the viewers is what keeps us working.

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