Sneaker Heads Show Off Their Shoes At Sneaker Games Orlando

Sneakers have become increasingly popular over the last decade. The people at Sneaker Games are capitalizing on that fact by holding Sneaker Games Orlando. The traveling convention of sneaker enthusiasts, sellers, and buyers held an event this weekend at The Rosen Plaza Hotel located on International Drive in Orlando. The event held on December 11, 2016 was attended by fans commonly known in the culture as “Sneaker Heads”, looking to buy and sell rare and sometimes very expensive sneakers.

The most common sneaker sought after at most events are retro Jordan’s that can be found on release dates for anywhere between one-hundred and eighty dollars to four-hundred dollars. Once the shoes become deadstock, a term used for sneakers that aren’t being produced anymore, the price can often skyrocket along with demand. For those not lucky enough to be chosen in raffles at participating stores, these conventions are often the only place an enthusiast can purchase that highly sought after pair of Jordan’s they’ve been looking for. This year Kanye West made a huge splash with two color ways of his popular low top sneaker the “Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2” which sold for two-hundred and fifty dollars retail, but were reselling for as high as six-hundred dollars at the convention.

The boom in sneaker culture has also brought about new business ideas like sneaker pawning. The owners of Sneaker Pawn Miami have created a business where people can pawn valuable sneakers when they need some money. After a year in business the owners hope that the business will continue growing. They are the first store of their kind in South Florida. David Stone of Sneaker Games says “We just want to keep spreading the love and the knowledge”.

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