Orlando Celebrates During The ACC Championship





This weekend the ACC held its title game in the city of Orlando. The event brought fans of the University of Clemson and their opponents the Virginia Tech Hokies to town. To coincide with the game businesses around the downtown area welcomed the crowds by throwing a block party aimed at capitalizing on the thousands of fans who descended on the city.

The event which was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina was moved to the city of Orlando in September after the controversial House Bill 2 was passed. The bill which called for single sex bathrooms and changing facilities based on the identification on a person’s birth certificate and not sexual orientation has been seen as seen by the LGBTQ community as a loss in their fight for gender equality.The ACC followed the move by The National Basketball Association, who changed the location of their annual All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans, Louisiana. The change was welcomed by the city of Orlando who has a long standing relationship with the ACC and a substantial LGBTQ community.

The game was played at Camping World Stadium which is no stranger to collegiate sports, with the Florida Blue Florida Classic being played in the stadium two weeks ago. The Florida High School Football state championships which had been scheduled to be held on the same day were moved back a week to make it possible to play the ACC championship at Camping World Stadium. There is no certainty that next year’s game will be held again in Orlando, but from the turnout it appears that the city could become the new home of the annual game. If that is the case businesses around the area will undoubtedly be prepared to welcome the throngs of crowds that come along with the game.

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