Mastery Journal-November

My expectations for this course were amazingly on cue with the curriculum of the course. I went into this class hoping to become a better content creator. I came out of this class feeling as if I’ve done just that. I’d never heard of Adobe Spark and therefore had never used it. It has now become a fixture in my process when considering a story. The user friendliness makes this something I will use for the foreseeable future.

As for what was expected of me from this course, I believe I gave my earnest attempt at satisfying anything that may have been expected. For instance, we were given an assignment in which we had to capture natural sound. At base level capturing sound is relatively easy to do, but allowing myself to go a bit deeper in my process of capturing sound has now become something I truly enjoy. I have this course to thank for that. I believe the course itself is designed to progressively make the student a better storyteller through the steps and lessons that are given each week. By that theorem following the directions laid out and then expounding on them on my own is what I would imagine this course wanted from me.

The videos and tutorials were the most helpful to me in this course. I am a visual learning, so being able to view ideas and archived class sessions worked fantastically for me. In week one our learning centered around photojournalism. Photojournalism is one of the journalistic mediums that I enjoy the most and therefore made gaining a better understanding of the techniques and standards extremely beneficial for to me. If I had to choose one piece of content that impacted me the most it would have to be the “Jonathan Klein: Photos that change the world” video. I believe that photographs have immense power. When we capture images we are capturing a moment in time. By sharing these moments, we allow our viewers to be transported to the place of our subjects. I believe this can empower people, inspire people, and even spark people to make change happen.

This course has given me an abundance of tools that I will utilize going forward in my journalism career. I believe this course also gave me a better understanding of who I am as a journalist and who I would like to become going forward. I now have the skills to produce, write, and edit my stories independently as well as potentially for a news organization.


Marshal “Marsh” Brown

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