Fashion Square Mall hosts the Food Truck Bazaar.

Every second Sunday of the month food trucks converge on the parking lot of the Fashion Square Mall on East Colonial just outside of downtown Orlando, Florida for the Food Truck Bazaar. The trucks come from all over the city and offer a wide array of tasty foods and beverages. The rotating cycle of trucks changes from location to location, but this particular gathering offers the most trucks of all the events in and around the city.

The City Daily started doing the Food Truck Tour in 2011 and since then, the events have grown in not only the number of trucks but also the community’s response. In 2012 it was said that food trucks were the fastest growing businesses in the State of Florida, accounting for ten percent growth in eateries. That trend has continually grown as Orlando has become one of the nation’s leading cities for food trucks, with over ninety of the mobile restaurants calling the city home. Showcasing the wide variety of trucks along with the myriad of food they serve has become something that the people of Orlando look forward to and enjoy, generating the necessary funding and patronage the trucks need to thrive. In many ways it’s a win/win scenario. For the city it creates taxable revenue from the trucks who might be otherwise just sitting on the side of the road unused. For the community it supplies affordable food from all over the world and a family friendly atmosphere for people to meet others from all over the city of Orlando.

Fans of food trucks will be happy to know that there are no plans to deviate from what has already been established in Central Florida. The monthly events held in neighboring areas of the city such as Casselberry, Lake Mary, or Celebration to name a few are slated for their normal days respectively.

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