The Fall version of Fiesta In The Park brings together the people of Orlando for Music, Food, and Fun.

Thornton Park is a vibrant, artsy, and eclectic section of Orlando, Florida. The neighborhood hosts a bi-annual festival called Fiesta in the Park. The festival centers around bringing community together. Vendors line the streets around beautiful Lake Eola and people meander through a variety of food stalls, along with artisan crafts and craft makers.

Fiesta in the Park started a little under half a century ago and has grown over the years to what it has become. The organizers of the event have made it their purpose to create a festival that is welcoming to all walks of life as well as their four-legged friends. Dogs are not only welcome at the festival, but are valued guests. The organizers have made space for vendors who specialize in treats meant specifically for patron’s furry friends.

The amphitheater situated on the west side of Lake Eola plays host to local bands who permeate the air with covers of known musical favorites as well as their own unique songs. The area is lined with speakers situated on light posts that play the music all throughout the park. The music makes it feel almost like a free concert next to the lake. Couple that with the food and the beautiful weather and the makings for a fantastic afternoon for free are all in place.

Vendors like Chris Carr, a freelance photographer, have welcomed the opportunity to talk directly with customers in such a warm and inviting atmosphere. “It’s a beautiful place,” Carr says. “Lake Eola is one of the best places in the city,” he goes on to say. It’s easy to see why. The lake situated just north east of downtown is an ideal mix of urban and old south, with high-rises in the background and stately homes and cobblestone streets circling the lake.

The next Fiesta in The Park will be held in the spring of 2017.

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